Moon Factory – New Crypto Game By Eth. Town

Details about Eth.Town’s “Moon Factory” are out now. Check out the description below to decide if you want to send penguins to the moon.

The blockchain game started on 25.June 2018 and can be reached via the website of Eth.Town.

Moon Factory is an idle game with time management mechanics and a global economic model. You run your own factory producing space rockets from raw materials manned by penguin astronauts. It is a relatively complex staggered production chain in which the goods of each individual stage become more and more valuable and the finished rocket is ultimately the most valuable product.

You buy raw materials and start producing the next product level. It takes 24 hours to completely produce the goods of the next stage…

The production of the finished products (fully or partially completed) is necessary to start the production of the next stage.

For example, a penguin is produced from eggs and heat lamps. Once you have received the finished penguins, and provided you have already purchased some space suits (in a similar way), the production of astronauts will begin.

Finally, you man a rocket with a penguin astronaut and get a moon-penguin rocket, the end product. You can sell them at full price or break them down into raw materials.

Dismantling a finished missile into raw materials is actually an even better deal because you get more items than you used to build the missile: The rocket needs 8 parts in production and if you take it apart you get 10 parts? I don’t know how that’s possible!? It’s rocket science!

The most interesting part of Eth.Towns Moon Factory is the global economic model.

The price of rocket parts is constantly changing and depends on the activities of the players. All purchases of new parts (either from new or existing players) increase the value of parts that belong to all players in the game.

Moon Factory rewards the sale of more complex products and penalizes the sale of raw materials. The best option, of course, is the sale of completed moon-penguin missiles that do not suffer a price penalty. The pure raw materials receive the highest penalty of -20% on sale.

Since Moon Factory is a game in the game Eth.Town, your Eth Town heroes also have an influence by minimally reducing the purchase costs…

If everyone plays the game regularly and has their own strategy, players with better strategies, intuition, luck and diligence will receive more bonuses and less penalties compared to others, and the value of their investments will be higher. As with most crypto games, the in-game currency is ether (ETH).

Don’t forget: Eth.Towns Moon Factory is a zero-sum game. One player’s win is another player’s loss. If you join Moon Factory right at the beginning, you should probably have an advantage over players who join later.