HyperDragons – New Blockchain Game

More beasts for the Blockchain: New Crypto-Collectible HyperDragons

HyperDragons is a digital collecting game based on the Ethereum blockchain. After EverDragons, this is the second crypto game in which dragons play the leading role.

Players can trade HyperDragons with the crypto currency Ethereum. Each dragon has its own set of attributes and a unique look. Some HyperDragons look cool, others rather cute. Dragons can also represent their owners in battles against other players. For this purpose, HyperDragons can be prepared by training.

This can improve skills, fame and hitpoints. These are the three attributes that are crucial to the success of the HyperDragons in battle.

New dragons are created in two ways:

HyperDragons of Generation 0 are created by the game and can be purchased via a Dutch auction (decreasing price over a certain period of time) for Ether…

Second: Dragon owners can mate two of their HyperDragons and receive a baby dragon. Whoever has played CryptoKitties will immediately get along with HyperDragons, because the latter is in this respect a 100 percent copy of the Blockchain cats.

While the goal of CryptoKitties is to own or profitably sell rare cats, HyperDragons is to breed dragons with attributes that are particularly promising for combat.

Fights between two dragons take place in the arena. Players can also purchase castles to place their dragons in. They will work there looking for treasures and resources. Castles can be attacked by other players and must be defended by their owners. You can upgrade castles to get more resources and place more dragons in them.

The strongest dragons are ranked in the world and they can win Ether for their owners in tournaments.