Ethereum Blockchain Remains Overloaded

Latest crypto gamer news: While the Ethereum blockchain remains overloaded, we get a voting system for Decentraland.

Crypto Games and the Ethereum Blockchain

The transaction fees in the Ethereum network remain extremely high and have almost brought the activities in many blockchain games to a standstill. If a very young Chinese crypto currency exchange can so slow down the most important crypto blockchain, it is proof that decentralized applications (DApps) are still at the beginning of their development.

Similar to the times of the CrypotKitties hype, the community hopes for a quick solution for the highly stressed Ethereum network.


Several matching kittens were implemented in the crypto-collectible for the World Cup. Yesterday the third football cat with the name “Boot” was bred for the first time by a player…

Parsec Frontiers

The crowdsale-campaign is extended until 15.07.18. So long everyone has the possibility to invest in the blockchain space MMO.


Etheremon’s team has addressed the problem of extremely high transaction costs in the Ethereum network: The fights in the game will be off-chain in the future and will then be regularly synchronized with the Ethereum network.

Zombie Battleground

The Crypto-Collectible has easily achieved its goal of $250,000 as an investment on the fund raising side of Kickstarter. Everyone can look forward to a zombie fight at the end of 2018. Investors can also take the BETA test and will receive rare zombie cards for release.

Ether Online

After a short-term hype shortly after the release of the crypto RPG, interest in Ether Online has waned. Due to the high Ethereum network costs, only a few players currently play Ether Online regularly. EO has dropped to 8th place in the list of the most popular Ethereum games.


In the virtual reality world of Decentraland there is now a voting platform: The DApp, called Agora, was developed to enable community members to vote democratically on government matters in their district. Decentraland’s cryptocurrency is called MANA and can be traded on several altcoin trading platforms.