Blockchain and Gaming

Blockchain Technology is revolutionizing the Gaming Industry

In the digital age, revolutionary technological innovations are capable of influencing and changing the lives of billions of people. The blockchain technology could become a technical innovation on a large scale. So far, it has not yet entered the general consciousness – a not small number of people have become familiar with the blockchain technique through the rise of cryptocurrencies and here in particular the crypto pioneer Bitcoin. At the moment, technology is crossing the threshold of mainstream popularity.

Blockchain allows crypto currencies to function in a way that was previously impossible for traditional currencies.

But blockchain is also the technology behind a new gaming trend: crypto games or blockchain games.

New Possibilities with Blockchain

At present, crypto games are mainly casual games based on collecting and trading. However, the potential of this new technology to change the gaming industry is there.

From unique gaming experiences to constantly evolving characters and in-game transactions that follow the owner from game to game, Blockchain could have a huge impact on the future of digital games.

Understanding how the blockchain works, one can anticipate why this technology could become very important for the gaming industry in the future: It’s about the uniqueness of the blocks in the chain. If crypto technology brings uniqueness to the games, we will see very exciting games in the future that can also bring unique experiences and moments to the player. So it’s about exclusivity: characters, items, all components of games can be immortalized on the blockchain and can be checked by anyone at any time.

First commercial crypto-game: CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties is a blockchain-based virtual game that allows players to adopt, breed and trade virtual cats. The popularity of the game in December 2017 overloaded the Ethereum network and led to an all-time high in transactions and only slowed down significantly after the CryptoKitties hype subsided. The most expensive cat changed hands for over 100,000 €.